Bouncing Back From Job Hunt Stress and Burnout

Going through the job hunt alone can feel like a never-ending marathon. You have tasks that pile up every day and burnout can be right around the corner. You spend hours researching the ideal role to create the perfectly tailored CV, draw all the energy in you to nail a tedious aptitude test, and even craft a personalized heartfelt email just for the hiring manager. After jumping through hoops, the last thing you want to see is your target company post on LinkedIn: “We are so happy to welcome {your new nemesis’ name ?} as our {the role you’ve been working your ass off to get}!”

The job search itself isn’t just hard work, it’s a mental game. Keeping positive and resilient through the ups and downs can be exhausting. By pushing through the rejections and the no-responses, deep down, you know that at the end, you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job — it’s just a matter of time. We know it’s a lot easier said than done. Instead of just giving yourself a pep talk, this week we’ll be sharing actionable tips on bouncing back from job hunt stress and burnout.

?? Identify the source of your burnout

When you’re job hunting, we find many people putting a lot of pressure on themselves to get the job ASAP. The constant amount of pressure can lead to an even faster burnout. Start by identifying where the pressure comes from – is it money? Is it the worry of having too long of an empty period on your CV? Is it from external sources? When you’ve identified the causes, you can take actionable steps to reduce the pressure while you continue your job hunt.

If it’s money, as you continue your job hunt, take a bridge job to reduce any financial worries. It might not be the ideal job, but it’s something that provides some security and $$$ while you keep searching.

? Create a routine: Mon – Fri, 9am to 10am, Job Hunt o’clock

As motivated as you may be, it’s not realistic to spend hours a day filling in tens of applications. For the first few roles: laser-focused attention, producing tailored responses and reaching out to possible connections. But after putting in 100%, it’s inevitable to feel tired. Clicking ‘Easy Apply’ and sending the exact same CV, no matter what the role is, becomes everyone’s default. Your chances of landing the job are pretty low if you’re not differentiating yourself by telling the story employers want to see on your CV while competing with hundreds of people on the ‘Easy Apply’ button. 

Instead of dedicating hours of your day to job searching alone and letting the quality of your applications drastically decrease, break down the big project into smaller, more manageable steps. By making it part of your daily routine, you’re creating quality applications without overwhelming yourself too much in one go. Focus for an hour a day on a job search activity, and then follow it with something you enjoy. The small reward reminds you to celebrate your progress and that you’re moving forward, even if you don’t have the offer in-hand (yet!)

??? Close the tabs and go offline!

Close all the LinkedIn, JobsDB, Glassdoor job posting tabs. Look in your network and see who is at a role in your target company and schedule a virtual coffee chat, attend an alumni networking event or join a professional association webinar. All these activities aren’t just a great way to meet new people and hear different perspectives, but it’s a good way to get your name out there. More importantly, these face-to-face human connections can help get you more inspired and energized to continue job searching.

? Start a side hustle

A few hours a week dedicated to working on a side hustle not only brings you joy but adds a few transferable skills and experiences under your belt. Take initiative and see where you can use your skills to make a positive impact on your community. For example, help a small local business with their marketing efforts, revamp the website of your favourite NGO or create a personal blog that raises awareness to a community issue. Whatever your side hustle is, you’ll be sure to ignite your passion and boost your confidence – feel yourself get recharged for your job search!

? You don’t have to job hunt alone

After a while of job hunting and searching you might find yourself in a rut that you feel like you can’t get out of. Consider reaching out to other job seekers who are in a similar situation. Knowing that you’re not the only person going through this can help keep things in perspective. Or, work with an experienced career coach who can give you more guidance in exploring different approaches and evaluating what works and what you need to change. Be sure to stayed tuned to our emails, we’ve got BIG things coming your way in 2021 ?

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