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Get Hired Academy (GHA)

GHA is our signature job search program where you will learn everything you need to land your ideal career in as quick as 8 weeks. We’ve helped thousands with their careers and excited to add you to that growing list of success stories! Our clients have been able to:

Opening January 2024!

Go from ZERO interviews to landing multiple offers at top companies like Meta, World Economic Forum, Adidas, and more

Pivot into their target roles & industries without having the traditional background & experience 

Get raises worth $30,000 - $150,000+ by knowing their value and using our job search & salary negotiation strategies

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“Working with Sho inside Get Hired Academy has changed my life. After a few weeks of working together, I am now in my dream career, crossing the six figures mark, and doing work I love. Thank you, team Workhap!”

Nav, Tech Sales Manager

Blueprint: Winning Resume 

Get feedback & suggestions for your resume directly from Sho! And instant access to our Resume Course to learn how to craft a resume that shows off your best stuff and lands you multiple interviews!

from $497

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Zero to Hired

Zero to Hired combines our 3 jam-packed Ultimate Guides for Resumes, Interviews, and Job Search all in one! Save 25% and get instant access to go from zero to HIRED!

$ 59

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“I wish I found Sho earlier. Working with him changed everything for me & my job search. I felt hopeless when I was out of work for two years due to the pandemic, and Sho gave me the confidence, expert advice, and everything I was missing to finally see results. After a few weeks working together, I was able to land an amazing opportunity with one of my dream companies in the luxury space. Sho is such a great coach, career expert, and friend!“

Landed her ideal marketing career in Luxury

Marketing & PR Manager

Operations Manager

“After only four weeks, I was able to make a career change from Teaching to Operations Management, and I LOVE my new job. Sho's program gave me the confidence to dispel my limiting beliefs and allow me to feel that I am worthy of my dream career and that I have the tools and skills necessary to move into my dream career. I am so grateful for Sho and his team for showing me what I could not see myself: that I am worthy and capable of making my career dreams come true.“ 

Pivoted from Teacher to Operations Manager

“I LOVED working with Sho and the Workhap team, and got my dream job in Tech! Get Hired Academy was just enough information without being an overload and pushed me to reflect on myself, individually, to really get to what I wanted in the future. Sho has this fantastic balance of holding you accountable, being truthful and realistic, challenging you, and yet being incredibly supportive and motivating the entire time. That is some special sauce that is unmatched!“

Broke into Tech as a Program Manager

Program Manager

I'm your career coach – Sho

There is no bigger joy for me than seeing you have massive success in your careers. I wake up everyday feeling so lucky I get to call this my "job."

Here are some of my favorite wins as a Career Coach:

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  • But the best part… I’ve helped thousands of people get hired & paid in their ideal careers!

And now my goal is to help YOU be our next success story. Because you deserve a career you love, working with people that make work fun, and creating an impact that you feel proud of. Let’s make it happen!

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Your resume is the #1 document when it comes to your job search. Grab our ATS friendly resume template to start landing some interviews!

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Everyone and their mom hates writing cover letters (us included!) But if you have to whip one up, get a head start and use this template.

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Interview Kit

Nailing your interviews is less about saying "perfect" lines and more about the stories you tell. Learn the exact framework we teach our clients in this free kit.

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Emails are oftentimes the secret sauce to network with decision makers, land interviews, and negotiate big raises. Grab our free email templates here.

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Download your free Resume template

Download your free Resume template

Download your free Cover Letter template

Download your free Interview Kit

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