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If you’re looking to finally have the career that you love, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve worked with thousands of high achievers (just like you) to help them land their target roles, develop into next-generation leaders, and find happiness again in their careers. We are lucky to call this “work,” and we want you to feel the same about your career, too.

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About Workhap

You may be asking… wtf is Workhap? 

Fair question! Workhap is a made up name but it combines two things that don’t often go together but should…

We do our best work when our projects are fun, people are good, and we are HAPPY. So that’s what I want you to strive for as well in your career.

For me that means leaning into my strengths and helping people with their careers. I am hoping you find what your “workhap” is for yourself!

Our WHY is to help create a happier workplace.
This is how we embody that as a company.

Our values at Workhap

Having fun

We believe work should be fun! That’s the type of work we want to do at least. That means not taking ourselves too seriously, bringing positive energy into the room, and carrying that energy over to our audience. We want to show it’s possible to have fun and still achieve our big results.

Being proactive

The best opportunities rarely show up out of the blue. They show up when we take big actionable steps towards them! Being proactive is a key element in our success as a team and in our client’s success in their job search & careers. We only got one life, why not go all in on something that we want!

Getting sh*t done

Ideas, strategy, and having a plan are all important but when it comes down to it, it's the execution that is going to get you results. Our team helps cover for one another and simply gets sh*t done when it's time to step up. We encourage that same mindset with our clients. Be that person who others can trust.

I’m Sho, here to help you get the career you deserve

I have the best job in the world and it’s my job to help you find one that makes you feel the same way. I often get asked: “Sho, don’t you ever run out of content ideas or things to talk about?” And to be honest, the answer is no lol

Even when I was a student in college, this “career stuff” is what I loved doing the most! Some of my favorite memories are from me helping my friends break into their dream jobs after graduating. And now a decade later and after helping thousands with their careers, I still can’t believe I get to do this for a living.

But of course, every story has its ups and downs. Here are some big moments from my career so far:


Landed offers at EY, Deloitte, Sony, PwC, Mercer


Moved to NYC and worked w/ Simon Sinek & team at EY


Started first Coaching Company and failed that same year


Pivoted from Consulting to Recruitment and moved abroad


Promoted to Head of Talent Development at a unicorn startup


Quit my job and went all in on Workhap


Now still happily get to do this! 

Now you know our story… how can we help YOU?

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