7 Signs You Are Getting The Job Offer

I’ve seen it at all as a recruiter. And out of the hundreds of interviews I’ve been a part of, I learned that certain cues from the interviewer give the candidate GREEN FLAGS that the job offer is on its way.

It’s important for you as the candidate to look out for these signs and know when it’s time to play the right cards.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the seven signs that signal your journey to that BIG JOB SEARCH WIN is right around the corner. Here are the 7 signs to look out for: 

Interview Goes Overtime

You know that feeling when time seems to stretch in your favor? Well, my friend, if your interviewer is going over the allocated time limit to chat with you, consider that a big checkmark on your application!

If you were slated for a good 30 minutes, but the conversation takes an unexpected detour, winding its way into the realm of 45, 50, or even 60 minutes… That’s a reason to get excited!

During interviews, the length of time an interviewer spends with you speaks volumes. When they willingly extend the conversation, it’s a clear sign of genuine interest and attraction to your unique qualities. 

Most people view interviews as necessary evils that interrupt their workflow, so an extended discussion is like resounding applause in your favor. Conversely, if the interview is abruptly cut short, it may indicate a mismatch. 

Body Language Opens Up

As you engage in conversation with the interviewer, keep a watchful eye on their body language, for it holds the key to the second green flag you seek.

Here are some telltale signs to look out for:

  • If they started with crossed hands but naturally move them by their side.
  • If they were maybe a little tired and sleepy, but then their eyes become wide open.
  • If they were pretty calm and neutral before, but you hear them laughing and see them smiling.

These subtle yet powerful shifts in body language are all good signs pointing your way, my friend. 

When an interview transforms into a natural and effortless conversation, it’s a win in itself. It signifies a connection beyond the formalities, where good vibes are in the air and genuine chemistry blossoms.

Positive Feedback

Sometimes, you don’t have to play the guessing game. The interviewers or hiring managers will make it clear that you’re doing exceptionally well. 

If they can’t help but shower you with positive remarks right then and there, that’s one of the signs my friend! It’s like a symphony of encouraging words that fill the room. They may say things like:

“Oh, that’s a great skill you picked up there. Can you expand on that?”

“I love your mentality in managing your team. What have you learned from your experience as a people manager?”

“You did a great job dissecting that case. Most people tend to gloss over the details, but I like how you emphasized that point right there. Good work.”

Now, let me tell you what I have seen from most interviews: people generally wear a poker face during interviews. So, when you receive such positive reassurance, take it at face value. It’s a clear message that they genuinely like you. 

Questions About Your Value-Add

The next green flag to watch for is when they go off script and hit you with specific questions tailored to the role. 

It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, we’re interested in what we’ve heard so far, and we want to dive deeper to see if you’re the perfect addition to our team.”

Or perhaps they’ll hit you with a tailored question like, “One of our biggest challenges is getting our team to use data to drive decisions. I saw that you played a significant role in creating that culture in your last team. We’re curious to know what you would do here to achieve the same?”

If you find yourself receiving such targeted questions, take it as a clear sign of good things on the horizon. They’re showing genuine interest and want to explore how your skills and experiences align with their needs.

Introducing You To Senior Managers

Now here are when things get exciting because the next sign is a true game-changer. 

Picture this: as you navigate through the interview process, the hiring manager takes you on an unexpected tour, introducing you to other senior leaders along the way. Whether it was part of the plan or a delightful surprise, it speaks volumes about their intentions. They’re already envisioning you as part of the team and want you to meet the key decision-makers. 

Now, here’s your golden opportunity for some personal assessment. Take note of the atmosphere: are people genuinely happy? Do they exude excitement to welcome a new team member — yes, that’s you! 

Also, pay attention to the dynamic between the senior leaders and the hiring manager. Are they engaged, supportive, and aligned? 

These valuable insights will empower you to make an informed decision when weighing your options. Soak in the experience as you venture closer to that shining beacon—the ultimate job offer.

They Talk in the Future Tense

As the conversation progresses, something cool usually happens – they start speaking as if you already belong to their team, using the future tense. It’s like they’re painting a vivid picture of the future, where you play a crucial role and bring immense value.

Listen closely, for you may hear phrases that ignite your excitement, such as:

“We can’t wait for you to get started on this project.”

“The manager likes to give his team a lot of autonomy, so I think you’ll really get along with him.”

“You bring a wealth of skills that we are currently missing, and I believe you’ll bring immense value to our organization.”

Can you feel it? They’re subtly implying that it’s a done deal, that you’re already an integral part of their vision. 

And you know what? The chances that you’ll get the job are high and will soon become a reality.

When Can You Start?

Isn’t that music to your ears? 

If they inquire about your availability to start, your notice period, or what you’re seeking in your next role, it’s a clear indication that they truly want you.

Here’s a helpful tip: when they ask about other interviews, it’s good to show that you have options. 

It demonstrates that you’re a valuable talent in the market and not desperate for any opportunity. You can mention that you have other interviews scheduled but express genuine interest in moving forward with their process because you believe it’s a great fit.

Watch for a change in their behavior. If they start putting more effort into persuading and selling you on the opportunity even before making an official offer, consider it a shower of green flags, signaling that success is around the corner.

My last piece of advice, take a moment to appreciate the excitement that comes with job shopping in your career. 

Cherish the interview process and aim to secure multiple job offers. Why, you ask? Well, the more offers you have, the stronger your position becomes. It’s like having a secret weapon to unlock better salary and compensation packages.

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