3 Tips For Finding New Jobs Using Social Media

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Social media has changed dramatically since the early 2000s. The earliest platforms, like Myspace and Friendster, solely focused on making personal connections online. As time has passed, social media platforms have also evolved and have become much more than just a place to meet old friends. With the rise of TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, now it’s a place to shop, network, sell products, and yes, even find a new job!

Why Use Social Media For Job Search?

Of course, social media platforms are not the only sites to find jobs, and neither should they be the only places you look. Job-focused platforms such as Upwork, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn come with features that vastly improve the job-hunting experience, such as company reviews, verified accounts, search filters, and more.

That being said, job hunting on social media platforms does offer some unique advantages. This includes networking opportunities, direct communication with recruiters, and the ability to demonstrate your expertise in your field through content creation (more on this later).

It’s always a good idea to widen your job search and cast a bigger net. Here are my three tips to help you find your next job using social media.

Network In Industry-Specific Groups

Not all social media platforms natively support groups. But for those that do particularly Meta and Discord, there’s a lot of value in groups dedicated to certain industries and niches.

Besides looking out for job ads, it’s also a great idea to take note of the most active members. If they are content creators, give them a follow and/or like their pages. Answer polls, provide feedback, and engage with other members. This way, you can build a network that can potentially lead to job opportunities along the way.

These groups are also often populated by professionals eager to provide tips, best practices, and emerging trends. Some groups may even host free webinars and workshops featuring industry leaders and subject matter experts. 

And don’t be surprised to see recruiters in these groups. This gives them another avenue to find quality candidates and be closer to the action. It’s a good idea to set up alerts to notify you of any job openings that could be a good fit.

Leverage Free Content

Another advantage of social media is the potential to come across free content and learning materials that can help you break into new roles. Your favorite career coaches, keynote speakers, and authors are creating content on different platforms and freely sharing their best insights with the world. Instead of using social media for entertainment, dedicate a few hours a week to using it for education.

With that said, keep in mind that all content creators won’t always agree on the best job search strategies. Take everything you see with a grain of salt, and put into action what you think is right for you. You can follow our Instagram here for daily career advice videos.

Start Posting Your Own Content

The final way to take advantage of social media for your job search, but maybe the most effective, is you posting your own content. As mentioned earlier, job hunting on social media can be unique because it can be a direct interaction between you and the hiring team. For example, the video you post on TikTok can potentially land on the “For You Page” for your potential manager when they are scrolling through their phone. And if your content demonstrates your expertise in a specific niche, there’s a high chance you will get some cool opportunities in your DMs.

Now, will this happen with the first piece of content you post? Probably not, but you never know what can happen! Here’s a story on how Emily Vu went viral on Twitter as a senior in college by designing a Spotify-themed resume. This just goes to show that the more you can demonstrate that you have the right skills, the higher your chances of getting interviews and, eventually, the job.

And even if recruiters don’t discover you through your content on social media, they may find you on LinkedIn. I suggest always keeping your LinkedIn profile updated with your headline, headshot, and “About” section complete with the right keywords. When your profile showcases your expertise, you’ll have recruiters coming to you for new opportunities, not the other way around. Good luck!

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