3 Things To Do This Holiday Season To Get Ahead In Your Job Search

While the holiday season is traditionally a time for celebrations, it also presents a unique opportunity for job seekers to get ahead in their search. Companies often set their sights on the upcoming year’s goals, making this season an opportune time to get ready for their strategic hires.

The peak hiring season comes around January and February, so better maximize the extra days off to ensure that your job search remains merry and bright! Here’s how you can navigate the job market and be prepared for the hiring frenzy right around the corner:

Reflect On Your Last Year

Aside from attending holiday gatherings and events with friends and loved ones, you can make the most of the downtime to reflect on your biggest wins and the lessons learned from the past year. Taking time for introspection can also help you set your goals for the upcoming year. 

From your reflections, make a list of what you want to do and no longer want to do, and go all in on your job search for the type of work that you actually enjoy. By starting your job search during the holidays, you’re strategically positioning yourself to catch the attention of recruiters gearing up for new projects and expansion. And you’ll have a more tailored approach to go after a role that best suits your skills and interests.

Update Your LinkedIn and Resume

These next few weeks are also a good time to start to updating your online profile and resume to make them more relevant for certain roles and companies. These two will serve as your first impression once you’re actively applying for new opportunities so need to get them ready for recruiters.

For your resume, start with the job description of your target role and then tailor your resume accordingly. Remember to include and highlight your best wins and skills that match the job title and responsibilities that you’re going for. You can make your resume applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly by using a simple resume template and also including relevant keywords and experiences. This increases the likelihood of your resume catching the attention of the hiring team and landing you an interview!

And the next step is your LinkedIn profile. Update your About section to include recent wins and your email address for direct communication. And use this holiday break to update your titles in your Experience section. While you’re at it, update your LinkedIn headline as well, following this formula: Current (or future) title | Key skills and industry keywords | Big career win

For example: 

SEO Lead at ABC Company  | Driving Digital Growth & Conversions | Boosted Website Visits by 300% through Organic SEO Strategies

Wish People Happy Holidays

Sending thank you cards and holiday greetings can be a thoughtful and positive way to reconnect with people who made an impact on your career. This group might also include professionals that you have not yet met and want to network with next year. Handwritten cards are special, but you can also send notes through LinkedIn, and send them warm regards for the holiday season.

When reaching out, personalize your message and mention something specific about their work that you appreciate or find interesting. But make sure to keep the focus on your gratitude for their support and keep the holiday greeting genuine and separate from any job-related requests. Let the season’s goodwill set a positive tone for future interactions.

As we say goodbye to the past year and welcome new beginnings, embrace the valuable connections you’ve made, the skills you’ve acquired, and the accomplishments you’ve achieved. Use these experiences as fuel to drive your career forward. Happy job hunting and happy holidays!

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