3 Simple Tweaks to Get Your LinkedIn Profile NOTICED by Recruiters

You’ve probably noticed by now that there are a TON of users on LinkedIn.

660+ MILLION worldwide to be precise, and half of them are considered “active.”

While this is great for LinkedIn and the diversity in content in your feed, it also means it is getting more and more difficult to STAND OUT among the pack — even for star candidates.

I’ve helped dozens of clients update their LinkedIn profiles over the years, and they are often surprised by the results of such simple tweaks. Here are three of my favorite suggestions for all LinkedIn users regardless of their current job situation.

1. Headline

Your headline is the first thing that recruiters will read, and surprisingly, most users do not take full advantage of it!

Let’s say you are a recruiter, and these 3 candidates applied for a role in Investment Banking. Which profile(s) would you click on and spend a little more time investigating?

Safe to say probably not the headline that starts off with “Looking…”

Recruiters want to fill their vacant roles with the BEST talent possible in the shortest amount of time. The candidates that highlight their specific skills and unique value proposition in the headline are usually the ones that ultimately get the job! Not the candidates that indicate that they are open to any and every role…

Two of my favorite formulas for headlines are:

  1. Current Role @ Company (Or if unemployed: Ideal Next Role) | Unique Attribute or Skill | Industry Expertise
  • Example: Senior Accountant at PwC | Certified Public Accountant | Technology & Startups

Your unique mission statement

Example: Helping technology clients scale their operations and achieve financial success

2. About Section

Out of the three tweaks in this article, this is the most crucial. You must have an About section that pulls recruiters in. But don’t take it too seriously; make sure to have fun with it! This is the ideal time to show off your personality and revel in your unique experiences.

Many candidates make the mistake of making this section just a simple copy and paste of their current resume, but it should be so much more. If recruiters wanted to see your resume, they would ask! Instead, take the time to craft your unique story and highlight personal qualities that recruiters would not be able to find elsewhere. Remember to include your contact details for the prospect emails that will soon be on their way.

Pro tip: Emojis look great in this section

3. Cover Photo

Want to really stand out? Update your photo section with a customized cover photo! This area is prime real estate and the perfect opportunity to highlight your skills even further. Here’s mine below. And yes, it took a couple of iterations to get the arrow at the right position.

When it comes to getting the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, it’s often the little things that will help you secure that initial interview. The 30 minutes spent on Canva creating a LinkedIn banner will pay off more than you know. Get creative and you’ll see that this simple addition to your profile could be a key differentiator.

After these simple additions to your LinkedIn profile, you will be that much closer to getting the attention of recruiters and landing that dream role!

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