Top 3 High-Paying Industries In 2024 (And How To Get In)

Massive tech layoffs and the talks of a global recession may break the idea of a promising year this 2024. However, It’s impossible to ignore three leading industries that are sprinting ahead, where high salaries are not mere possibilities, but realities. If you’re feeling stuck in your career path and it isn’t providing you the right opportunities to grow, then this list of top-paying industries just might be for you.

Information Technology

The boom in the technology sector has created a golden era of high salaries for tech professionals. According to Indeed and Techopedia, the likes of data scientists, software architects, mobile developers, and cloud engineers are seeing their average paychecks in the six-figure mark.

This surge in salaries isn’t just making these professions desirable, it’s painting them as some of the most financially rewarding careers in the current job landscape.

How to get in:

If you want to join the tech industry, you can go the traditional way and start by studying subjects like Computer Science or Information Technology. But sometimes getting a degree isn’t necessary. Because what is even more valuable than education is real world experience and you can get it through internships, side hustles, and/or special training programs. You can also take online courses to upskill and keep up with new tech trends. Fair warning, working in tech isn’t just about what you know. It’s about being curious, flexible, and good at solving problems.


The finance sector this year is full of big challenges and great chances to succeed. According to Deloitte, factors like high-interest rates and fast tech changes are impacting the finance industry. McKinsey also suggests that these conditions may lead to increasing growth and importance.

Because of this growth, staple finance jobs like bankers, risk managers, and financial advisors are seeing their paychecks get bigger. According to Glassdoor, investment bankers have a whopping average salary of $144,633 per year!

How to get in:

Having a degree in Finance, Business, or Economics is your gateway to this industry. But if you don’t have a background in finance, consider enrolling in professional training courses, like CFA or CFP, to prove your knowledge to employers. But, as McKinsey points out, being good at finance jobs is not just about being good with numbers. You also need to be able to change when needed and solve problems, just like in tech jobs. 

In addition, having a strong network in Wall Street or top banks is another way to get noticed. Don’t have any? That’s okay! You can even get started by finding current or former employees of your target company on LinkedIn and sending them a connection request to express interest in their career path.


In a world that constantly strives for better health and well-being, the healthcare industry plays an important role. The World Health Organization points out that longer life expectancies and the rise of chronic health issues necessitate improved healthcare services and systems.

Exciting innovations like telemedicine and AI-based diagnostics are transforming the way doctors and nurses care for patients. Opportunities for numerous healthcare roles, such as physicians, nurses, and administrators, continue to expand. As society increasingly focuses on mental and physical health, the healthcare sector’s importance in our daily lives is further solidified.

How to get in:

To start a career in healthcare, you’ll need to have a strong educational background in a healthcare-related discipline. Try getting real-life experience by doing internships, part-time jobs, or volunteering in places like hospitals or clinics. Also, because healthcare is using more and more technology, consider learning about things like health data or online health services. To succeed in this industry, it takes more than just knowledge and skills. It’s also about being caring, being good at talking with people, and wanting to help others.

With everything considered, choosing a career in these industries offers competitive pay and long-term career security. Sure, shifting to these industries might be a challenge, but job opportunities in these fields seem like a good bet for the long run. Good luck!

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