The Best Job Boards To Get Hired In 2023

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There are hundreds of job boards out there, all claiming to hold the ticket to your dream job. While having many options can be enticing, sometimes, the more specific you get, the higher your chances of success. If you’ve been looking for a guide to the best job boards out there, you have come to the right place. Here’s my list of favorites, along with their pros and specialties, to help you land the career that you deserve. Let’s dive in!

LinkedIn (For Building Connections)

LinkedIn is the most popular job board site in the world, and for good reason. This social network slash job posting site goes beyond just jobs and helps you build connections with recruiters and hiring managers in the industries you’ve got your eyes set on.

LinkedIn allows you to:

  • Connect with potential companies, previous colleagues, and alumni from your university. 
  • Get endorsed for your skills and network with managers from the same field.
  • Upload your resume, personalize your profile, and create your own personal brand.
  • Get access to training and best practices in your field to help you stand out.

The feature that most candidates best know LinkedIn for is the “Easy Apply” button, but I think it is often overused. Instead of spamming apply for different roles, I recommend you take it a step further and first connect directly with the hiring team.

You can send a note like this to the recruiter when sending them a connection request:


I saw your team was recruiting for <ROLE>, and I’d love to be considered. 

I spent the last <# YEARS WITH COMPANY>, and some of my big wins include <ACHIEVEMENTS IN YOUR ROLE>. My core skills are in <RELEVANT SKILLS FOR THE ROLE>, and I think I’d be a great fit for the role you have on hand.

Let me know if you are free for a call later this week to discuss further. Thank you for your time!



Glassdoor (For Company Reviews)

Glassdoor is another site with one of the largest volumes of job postings from all sorts of different industries. With Glassdoor’s company information, you can get an insider’s peek into the company culture, type of management, career mobility, and work-life balance. And that’s on top of the info you get on salary, total compensation details, and benefits.

Glassdoor comes with free and paid versions, with the latter giving you access to more advanced analytics to help you decide better if the job fits you well. And if you’re looking for companies that tick all the boxes for an overall fulfilling career, be sure to check out Glassdoors’ list of Best Places to Work.

Getwork (For Verified Jobs)

With the rise of job search scams, it’s important to stay vigilant out there on different job boards. It’s crucial you review jobs that are real and verified. That’s where Getwork comes into play. Getwork sources the job postings directly from the hiring company’s careers page and provides you with details about the role, including information on salary range, remote opportunities, company background, and more.

Wellfound (For Startups)

Originally known as AngelList, Wellfound is the best place to find roles for hot, new startups. Also, the interface is clean, hip and fun, much like the job environment it promotes. From engineering jobs at AI companies to operations at emerging FinTech firms, Wellfound has a little of everything regarding the world’s best startups. Beyond the role, you can also find a lot of information on the company, its founders, and how much capital they have raised. Targeting some of these companies that have just raised money is a good idea because you know they will be in growth mode!

RemoteOK (For Remote Work)

If you’re done with the office forever, then I suggest you check out RemoteOK for remote work opportunities. The site offers a heap of different jobs that are freelance and remote to give you that leeway to do other things and have control of your daily workflow. Flexibility is the name of the game when you search for jobs and gigs on RemoteOK. While they mainly focus on tech roles, there are also lots of great opportunities in account management, finance, operations, and more. 

Whatever you do, choose what’s best for you

You have to consider many factors in choosing and applying for a new job — the salary, work hours, location and/or remote, the values the company holds, your manager, and more. But the key to unlocking the door to the right job for you is knowing what you are looking for in the first place. With a clear set of your values and priorities, it will be easier for you to review these job board sites and find the dream job you’ve always wanted!

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