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"I cannot begin to describe what an amazing program GHA is and how supportive and engaging the entire Workhap team is. I knew that I was in good hands within the first 5 minutes of the first class. Workhap and GHA gave me all the tools to achieve my career dreams!"
Linda W.
"Having been part of GHA, I can confidently say that the content and insights shared by the Workhap team were invaluable. The team did an amazing job with breaking down information and showing ways to apply it (with REAL life examples). Their passion for helping others is easily one of the top reasons why I would highly recommend this program to others considering it. 11/10 would recommend to a friend!"
Carmen L.
"GHA gave me new found confidence within myself to navigate a pivot. Although the road is not going to be easy, I learned a lot about what makes me happy in my career, and I hope to succeed! The Workhap team was extremely helpful throughout the sessions, and I would love to be in another class with them."
Andrew D.
"I'd highly recommend anyone that is a working professional to looking to advance their careers in a new role to look into this course. Even if you think you know it all when it comes to interviewing/networking/personal branding/resumes, which I thought I did, there is so much more tactical advice and content that Sho & team provides in this course that I was completely unaware of until I completed this program."
Kevin A.
"As a recruiter, GHA offered me so much insight into making meaningful connection within the HR and People business. It gave me such a strong foundation for whenever I would like to transition careers and industries, and I got to meet with other driven professionals along the way."
Aira S.
"Working with Sho during the program was the most productive and helpful thing I did during COVID-19. I not only feel more confident with my job search , but I also know where I was settling and not pushing myself hard enough. There were many subtle things and unconscious biases that were interfering with my professional career and progress, and I am happy to say that GHA has enabled me to overcome these challenges!"
Matt N.

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Sho Dewan Workhap Founder, Get Hired Academy Lead Trainer

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