Our mission is to help elevate your career to new heights.

Workhap is the go-to career coaching & training platform for thousands of individuals and organizations across the world.

Our team is made up of career experts: Career Coaches, L&D Trainers, and People Strategists, working together to transform your career.

We help transform unfulfilled job seekers into thriving professionals.

We help transform new managers into great leaders.

We help transform good groups into rockstar teams.

Since 2019, our team has hosted 500+ training and coaching sessions in over 15 countries including the United States, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. Our work has been featured in some of the best publications and most importantly, we have been able to help thousands achieve their career goals.

Everything we teach is from our accumulated 15+ years of experience helping clients solve their biggest people challenges. Trained at leading consulting firms (Accenture, EY) and experience partnering with thought leaders (Simon Sinek), our approach is systematic and designed for impact. We are not your typical band of career experts.

Career Coach Sho Dewan

Meet our Founder

Growing up, I was always a rule follower. I did what I was told, I was well liked by my teachers, and I was on a path towards a stable yet unfulfilling job. It was the beginning of a long and painful career.

I knew there was more out there for me but didn’t know where to look. I already racked up $20,000+ in student debt so going back to school wasn’t an option. By chance, I discovered Simon Sinek’s Start with Why video on TED and it was then my whole perspective shifted.

I decided to make a change and find a career that would utilize my skills and help impact others. After years of trial and error, various career setback and wins, I found myself working alongside Simon Sinek himself. We helped other leaders find their Why and I realized my own in the process — to bring out the best in others and help them live their dream career.

Meet the Team

Headshot of Sho Dewan

Sho Dewan

Founder & CEO

Sho launched Workhap with a simple goal to help others get the most out of their careers. He was recently recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 for Job Search & Careers and is also a partner Career Coach with HKU Business School and CareER Association.

Alvinnie Kwok

L&D Consultant

Alvinnie is driven by the mission of empowering and educating leaders to create change, and her experience spans across consulting and sales strategy. Alvinnie helps our team design and deliver best in class training programs for our community.

Stacey Li


Stacey is passionate about helping others form genuine relationships. A former auditor at a global 6 firm, she’s a career pivot veteran, making the move from public accounting to technology consulting. She works to make sure that the Workhap team actively leads by example.

Headshot of Beatrice Wei

Beatrice Wei

Marketing Analyst

Beatrice joined Workhap as Employee #1 and is driven by our mission to inspire and propel young professionals. With experience at some of the fastest growing startups in Hong Kong, she leads all marketing channels to help future clients find Workhap and current clients feel engaged and supported.