Sho Dewan Headshot

Hi, I'm Sho.

And I have the best job in the world. I get the opportunity to work closely with our future leaders and help professionals realize their untapped potential. And while I would love to say that I have always had my own career figured out, that would be a big lie! I have been through many of the same struggles that I see in my clients everyday and these include:
  • Slugging through a job while just going through the motions
  • Being passed up on salary raises and promotions
  • Lacking the confidence to voice my opinion to my manager
  • Struggling to break out of an industry
  • And on and on…

It was only after overcoming these issues myself and working with some of the best in the industry, did I realize that I could help others do the same through training and coaching.

My Career

I started my career working with the great Simon Sinek in New York as a Strategy Consultant with Ernst & Young (EY). I traveled the world as part of the EY-Sinek team, and helped various organizations and senior executives discover and activate their purpose. Simon and his team also inspired me to think of my own WHY and it was then I found myself gravitating towards my mission to help others with their careers.

After my years in Big 4 consulting, I moved to Hong Kong and jumped into the world of Recruitment and Learning & Development. I joined one of the fastest growing unicorns in Hong Kong as the first L&D hire to eventually lead the entire Talent Development function for the organization. And in 2019, I decided to go all in on my side hustle and pursue my mission of creating a happier workplace.

I work with organizations to help train and attract the best talent, and help talented professionals pivot into their dream careers. I understand that finding the right trainer and/or coach can often be a challenge in itself. If you think Iโ€™d be a good match, I’m happy to share my insights and talk through your needs on our initial Discovery Call.

Sho HKSTP Masterclass on Job Hunting Strategy